How many times have you planned to start chasing several goals and by the end of it you had like 25 activities in your to-do list. With the quilt and the absence of your focus you want to do all the things at once. This is what I call GCS Guilt Commitment Snare. When this decisions are made mostly it’s because life has put you in a corner and the near future is very hectic. We decide to cheat on the reality and avoid consequences to short-term resolutions. 

Habits are some of the core materials that make us human, it’s the core part of who we are deep down. We are animals of habits and we even use this to define others. The consistency of actions define us as well. What word do you give to people who are:always borrowing money, causing drama, never tidy, never keep time, lie and always gossiping about others?I’m sure your mind subconsciously have given you a describing word to this characters. Look a bit closer the character name you have issues to each of the scenarios is held in place by a consistent habit. We do have instances where the person has changed, like when someone in a conversation tries to define the person in discussion with an old character, “have you met Mwangi the drunkard” if they changed someone will mention, he’s good but nowadayshe’s almost becoming a pastor.

What is the difference?

Consistency is the determinant of which habits stick. Now let’s move closer, why do bad habits work more easily for you opposed to the good habits? Entropy is one way to explain this, naturally things move to the negative side and its takes energy to do good habits and consistently sustain the same.


This is what prompts you to action, the ignition that fires the action. Which habits do you hate in your personal life? The elephant ones are like smoking or anger, what happens right before you smoke or before you become verbally/physically abusive? The seconds before that is where the trigger lays. The action has been done so many times that you don’t even see the stages. Breaking this automation needs close monitoring and crazy dedication.

The totality of this means that if you can manage the triggers you can stop the cannon from firing, you can’t slow the growth of the habit you want to stop. It’s not easy! I believe that the reason most of us give up on the attempt to build better habits it’s because we feel like we are directly fighting ourselves, and that the truth. You are going to war with your character and personality.

Triggers are reminders that ask us to jump into action, to take a step towards better consistency.

Let’s share this perspective, you have been absent in building positive habits and you have over and over perfected this negative habit for years. Habits are synonymous to a muscle, the more you execute the stronger the habits become. It is impossible to change that habit instantly even if you go cold turkey on the habit. There has to be a process to unlearn the current character put together by habits and install new ones.

What is the way out?

It is interesting that, it’s very small things that begin the journey to better habits. Triggers sit at the forefront of change. How often do you want to start practicing new habits, I bet it’s as often as the negative habits occur. The consistency of the habit you are fighting should get a counter in the same redundancy. The many times you smoke is the many times you need triggers that prompt you to do a different activity. The best approach is to trade habits, finding something to occupy the old habit. That means that anytime you are about to burst with anger count 10 deep breaths before any word leaves your mouth.

Once in a while I do loose the flow of my schedule and definitely that becomes worrying because I know there is a backlog pilling up. What I do is set 3 or 4 alarms across the day. Each alarm has a trigger tittle like, “Do it now” “countdown from 5 to 1” or “do 10 sit-ups “

This simple and stupid sounding thing always gets me back to track. I challenge you to try this and see the results that can come through.

You can feel less helpless, you can do more and break self-doubt. You can and you will you will achieve it what you need is new triggers for new habits.

Always remember this, new goals need new habits, see you at the top of self-excellence.

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