Discipline is your true companion

Finding yourself is the longest journey you will ever take and still the most rewarding. Often this is a long game and sustained by faith. Believing in the results that you have not seen, working on yourself in a different way for days/months and years without instant rewards and still believing the end results will be worth it. I say this is the most daring voyage of your lifetime. Lifespan advises that the earlier you find yourself the better for longer quality life.

Let us take an example on entrepreneurship, which is my daily life. Entrepreneurship is freedom that comes with both responsibilities and accountability. Chasing a dream that no one has dared and there is no manuscript or a map. This is because no one has gone through the life have and no one can see life like you see it. The internal and external battles you have come through. You are as customized as your destiny is. The drive being the final picture, hoping all falls in well.

As an entrepreneur all businesses are supported by similar departments. Most entrepreneurs begin by being all the departments at a go and as growth kicks in the vision demands expansions and the final picture gets clearer. So what keeps this different sections and segments stitched together?

We go back to how this different areas have been developed. The small routines that build strong characters. Committing to a schedule for months and hoping the results is what you have in mind. Learning new skills to better yourself. Denying yourself short-term happiness because you hope one day it will be worth it.

So what keeps this different things running and having them sync at some point and then produce results. What is the burning gas that makes sure that executing one activity of the schedule ensures the health of your brand?

Before we can get to the answer I want to squeeze in a bit more meat on what success is. Personally when I look back at my journeyand the steps that have brought me here I conclude that success is collective. It is the enhancement of the different areas and the individual performance that add up to the results the others can see and judge.

The answer to the paragraph above is discipline. Entrepreneurship and personal development is taking your own leash and guiding yourself. There is no one to report to, no overseer, no manager above you. You can come up with new rules every day. If you fail to work out for a week no one will whip you around. That freedom is what makes it even more cumbersome.

The biggest part of discipline is to self. Respecting each commitment you lay down. Keeping your word to yourself first then to others second. You are the hardest to tame yet the victory affects all other areas. This is where,” If you decide to be different you are on your own and it’s lonely”

Discipline is just doing what you said you will do without excuses or being lenient.  There is no quorum or crowds to cheer you on each new corner you take. Most of the time you just have to pat your own back and keep moving. Discipline it the live link connecting all the sections and fragments of the bigger picture. If you delay in one area the rest will surely be affected either now or later. This is the most expensive character to purchase and wear every day.

The future as you can see it in your dream and vision, it’s very possible and achievable the question to you is can you commit to discipline. Every vilified excuse is delayed success. It is only lonely for a while, when the results kick in then you start indulging with your future.

Remember if it took discipline to get you here, it will take the same to keep you here and get you there.

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