In the words of Carlos Castaneda, “We either get ourselves miserable or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same”

This definitely raises eyebrows at a personal level and we already want to justify why we are sad. Are you even fighting in your mind to justify happiness? It is in the laws of life that negative things get the front bench in recognition and spread while it takes a lifetime to be to have the same volume of positive impact. That is life right there. We often have reasons as to why we should stay in the somber and depressed levels. You have heard the old adage that what happens to you is not the problem, the problem is how you decide to react to that. I believe it is true and I have had down moments and thought about the phrase. It’s a hard switch when you are going through this phase.

Why is your definition of happiness? Kindly take two minutes to write something down before you move to the next paragraph.

Well does your definition depend on the external factors or on you?

How we make our choices in regards to happiness is an option but the results that come out of that are not optional. You have to lay on that bed you have made. Before we even jump to the definition I want to highlight some often situations we find ourselves in and they should question your happiness.

  1. When was the last time you saw someone off and in your mind you were waiting to for them to leave so that you can jump into your reality?
  2. How many times have you caught yourself saying things you dint mean while the words were not reflecting any happiness?
  3. When did you last give someone the powers to make you happy or sad and when they appear they instantly determine that?

From the above scenarios note thatit has nothing to do with the external world. It is us deliberately or subconsciously giving that power to people and circumstances.

So what is the definition of happiness?

Happiness is not in facial expressions, it’s in the peace within.

Let me expound on that for a minute. The answers you get when you have a dialogue with self are the definition of happiness. The answers you get when you go through instances like the ones in a, b, and c define your real happiness. You don’t have to be smiling but as long as you have that internal peace, that openness with self that you can open up and talk deeply with self.

When we know we have wronged ourselves we keep putting off any genuine inner conversation that touches on the truth.


The above explanation is what I define as statusing. When you can talk naked to yourself and accept where you are, make peace with the downside and have a plan to work on the solution. The more real you can be the happier you can become. I have talked a lot about creating a Power Hour and this tool helps a lot on statusing.

Power Hour isabout deliberately creating a focus time to do one thing with your 24 hrs that will improve your future. This constant deliberate focus always asks you the deeper questions and you keep updating where you are in reality.

The more consistent you can be in statusing the longer your happiness, the more areas in your life that you can open up to statusing the bigger your happiness.

This kind of happiness is situations and circumstances proof.

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