The foundation of installing long-term behaviors.

I’m a big fun of nature adventures and this guy Bear Grylls brings the best ingredients together. The passion, drive, years of experience and he always travels light but with what he needs to survive.Noticeably he never lacks a rope, water bottle, knife and magnesium fire starter. After years of experience in military and years of building teams to survive nature this are his first to pick tools.

Perusing his history an interesting factor is that his name Bear was actually given to him by his only sibling and big sister when a week old. Nature survival adventures are dangerous no training can get you ready. You need guts and stay positive.

The fact is that you need your basic tools too to challenge your future face to face. The voyage of your dreams. It’s going to get tough, you will need the survival spirit and to stay positive consistently.

Get a system that will ensure consistency.

If you start you can’t keep stopping, there will not be progress. The system is internally and externally dependent on the stability of your consistency. You need to have activities that build up your habitsto be recurrent on scheduled. Supporting activities that build long lasting habits. It’s easy to start and stop if you are the only one who knows what you are supposed to do. You cannot oversee yourself. In your system you need to have someone that will keep you accountable and ensure that consistency achieved without failure.

One fact you should anticipate about your system is that it will have challenges over and over. The most successful individuals I have studied reveal that any functional system has the toughest challenges to maintain. Failing to do one activity according to your daily to do list won’t make you fail, but building a habit of failure will assure you failure.

Be present and available

With the digital world we live in today connectivity is one of our biggest success story. We can watch live anyone from the world. Even the speed of transportation has increased human connectivity by very high margins. The issue of being available has been sorted over the decades of technology. Pherhaps the most awakening and daring question to pause to ourself is “are we present?”

We can present our faces and time but are we there mentally and emotionally. How alert are we to what is happening to us? The most expensive thing to have and control in today’s world is focus. Attaching consistent focus and time is one of our toughest human balance today. This a key baby step that you cannot assume if you want to make a mark in your world. It is not about the volumes of your output but the quality of each item. Success is about impact not volumes.

Get yourself a sponsor

This is one of eyebrows rising statement ayone can make today. It’s more sexualized than factual. I do believe in mentors but I don’t believe that there is one single person that can lead you in all areas and phases of your life. This to me is more of an illusion. We all have faults and we have been designed to be needy in one side of our lives and that’s why we are described to be social human beings. This as well means that we have very strong sides to ourselves. This is what we can confidently offer others and where we are faulty we allow others to bring in their strength.

A sponsor to me is anyone who can rightfully hold your hand and guide you through your current challenge. This is a baby step that can either make the other steps matter or keep you crawling longer. Direction is more important than speed. This is my description of a mentor, someone who has walked where I want to head and they have the current input that I need to make the next step. Never burn bridges because you made it through. It might be the next key link in the future.

Believe in the process.

Growing old is gradual and the steps cannot be overlapped or assumed. Our biology is the best reference to make in regard to the process. No one can rush a haircut before the hair grows as well no one can force a child to run before they are done with the crawling phase. You will get there, the process will get you there.

The biggest challenge that we all face when the sun rises is to be consistent. Doing a daily routine and believing that the bigger picture will piece in. The future of success belongs to those that never tire or give up.

What took you to get to success is what it will take to keep you successful. The same items that build your routine are the ingredients that will get you there.

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