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From time in memorial in the history of man, our quest to connect with each other, no matter the distances between us, has defined our development and sophistication. The best cities and developed countries have the best connectivity. Think of smooth means of transport by having networks of roads and railway to the most remote areas, pipeline networks distributing gas & water; just to name a few. Connecting to new sections of the world has led to new discoveries, trade and exposure to new traditions and cultures. It has been our humanly thirst to connect and connect widely.

Business has no different agendas than to connect, the wider it is the better the business’ growth and returns. Without any doubt, your network is your net worth. There are two main departments that never lack in any business. They are from the smallest fraction of a business segment to a whole department. Marketing and sales are the backbone of every one in business. All the other departments or sections of a business heavily depend on these two departments for sustainability. If the sales department records low consistently, the business cannot sustain the overhead of other staff within the business.

Bringing a polished product or service to the market is a tiring task and an involving one. It takes the best minds to package a product/service that stands out prominently in the current market, bearing in mind that we are no longer in the industrialization age. So products don’t thrill us as much. This is not the age of new bikes, new utensils or new invention of metallic birds. This illustrates that there is more task involved in putting an attractive brand in the market. (check out Energy Equals Wealth)

Let me surprise you; creating the product or service is just 20% of the whole process. Having worked on the two for days unending, the task is not even half way done. Customer care and packaging are an accompaniment of any business that desires to thrive and survive in the current business arena. However the remaining 80% will be riding on the networks created by the company. Depending on the product or the service, half of the network could be to service providers and legal institutions. This other half is the most important one because it’s mostly has much to do with your consumers. This section of a business sits on the throne of each business. The quality of your networks will determine the health of your business.

Entrepreneurs have the hardest hunt for who sits on the “throne” of their consumer networks. The truth is that the throne will see so many suitors until the desired ones can give sitting a try.

Where do i get my first networks?

The networks we attract are equivalent to the level of quality our products and services hold. Quality can only attract quality and each attraction is barricaded by the packaged value. By just deciding how much a certain product or service will cost, you have already divided your customers. This is simply because, for some, you are way too cheap and for others, you are above what they can afford. This pushes us to consciously decide who we want to be in business with. The intrinsic fact about quality is that it reduces quantity and sustains a certain number of customers.

The best network to start with is with the people we know. Who amongst the individuals in your contact lists can consume what you’re selling? Even if they won’t buy, the next time someone around them needs what you are selling you will be prime candidate to supply.

Network is your know-how

The people you know, the places you know or have been to, the sites’ links and email addresses you have are the first clients that you know. If and when you get a chance, inject the best quality you have, combined with quality customer care and packaging. The amount of money you charge for the same quality will grow over time, consistency for quality is the biggest trial.

Each time we step out of the house we are selling! How we look is a display and whoever is looking for such a product will purchase from you. That is why we’re addressed differently depending on what we have dressed ourselves in. That day when you rock a fitting sleek suit even the security guard to the building you walk into will handle you in a better way. You being the same person in casual at the same building will get a different approach, maybe even a more thorough screening.

So what are you selling today?

What kind of network are you attracting?

How much knowledge are you investing in your know?

Kenya is spending approximately Ksh327 billion over 609.3 kilometers for a standard gauge railway network between two key cities, Nairobi and Mombasa. This is how much a network is worth to country. The signing of the deal was witnesses by 5 presidents, meaning that the value of such a network caused absenteeism in five state houses. The network that you are weaving each day will determine whose attention it will catch. The only way to penetrate the outlook of a majestic company and be in business with is by establishing a network.

Make networking a natural lifestyle.

In the North East of India, probably the wettest place on earth, a single network takes 500 years to complete. Meghalaya is about 200 km high and this region is often covered in the monsoon rains. The people of Meghalaya have a tradition of creating living bridges. This is a practice that is cultivated amongst the villagers across the vast valleys if this highlands. Young boys and girls are taught how to weave roots and veins of trees together to create the vast natural networks that will form a bridge. The art is so practical that in this day, double decker living bridges can be seen there. A single bridge can take hundreds of years to complete and, normally, it’s not in an individual’s lifetime.


What we are working on doesn’t need 500years to complete, it just needs a sustainable and effective plan entailing a clear route from marketing to customer care, customer follow-up for feedback and making a sale to converting the customer to a routine consumer. Beginning is the main challenge, but a network has no option other than to grow when the weaving begins.

There is an important lesson I would like us to focus on from the Meghalaya people’s tradition… They give special attention and respect to the roots of those trees. They tend to them and protect them. A family or lineages in the bigger picture are tasked with the daily duties of taking care of the roots. This is the same drive that we should borrow and apply to our networks. This can be achieved by taking time to study our targets, understanding the market niche and building our mental muscles with relevant knowledge among many other things. Online has become a whole new university of all subjects. There is so much within our reach, we just need to tend to our roots, stretch to the desired networks and tap into lifetime relationships with our networks.


  • Networks begin just from where we are , we are a network to other people as well.
  • Networks can and should be upgraded, to be able to tap into the highest results a network can give.
  • The kind and quality of your network will determine what kind of networks get attracted to you.
  • Knowledge and information are key ingredients to foster new and better networks.



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