This two questions have been the catalysts that have fueled my drive to understand the human journey. Interestingly there is more than enough focus and depth on many other element. From the institutions of learning to the corporate world, research has backed up all this and even curriculums on how to better understand the same. It fascinates me that the same treatment hasn’t been done for the core of all this, the humanity.

There’s no institution aligned in the template that we have been given that covers the intrinsic nature of the journey we all go through in life. This are the things we face every day in life, heart breaks, loss, conflicts, self-identity/awareness and many more.

Question 1

Why don’t we execute the personal commitments we place on ourselves?

Ideally we work from the problem perspective. When things are thick we sit and think through on what could be the solution. Mostly if not always the solution comes to the basics of what we will start doing as from the following morning. Now here comes the interesting part.

Even after knowing what we need to do, when we should do it and understanding the impact that, that could have on our future, we still sit there and fail to get to action. This gets as close as even waking up in the morning and turning on the machine maybe even sitting next to the workout outfit but we fail to deliver. The boomerang swings back when the problem at stake accelerates and it pains more to know you have the solution yet you fail to execute this key actions.

 Question 2

Do you ever find the need to have someone hold your hand and is accountable to ensure that you execute your personal goals?

The truth is that once we find ourselves in the position of question 1 we feel helpless and insufficient to carry on. It is the impact of personal failure. Where you personally come up with the action plan, activities and a schedule of execution yet you fail to adhere. The helplessness definitely causes us to feel that there should be someone who holds us accountable without failure or excuses. The closest people we place the expectations on is our family and friends.

Look at how twisted our reality can be, we expect this to be done to us yet we are still family and friends to many but we don’t do the same for them.

What is the way forward then?

I’m of a strong believe that we are all inter twinned with the solutions we so sort out for. At this moment in life and in the world of information solutions are more overwhelming that the core problems. We are being sold the mindset that we need to be fixed, we are not correct the way we are. I strongly disagree to that. The biggest muscle of humanity is in our differences our uniqueness, it would be very wrong to accept that we all need one solution yet we are so diverse.

You bear the most legit and functional solutions than anyone would offer you this is because no one can see life in your perspective. If the solutions you are being coerced to don’t reflect your identity, personality, character and the future you dream of, it will never work, it will never solve.

This provocative thoughts have put me on a hunt to understand individuality and that has landed me to Life Coaching. I see a life coach as a profession that can hold your hand through the journey of self-realization and get you to the point where you have become a source of solutions for self. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that anyone can be an island of themselves. My drive is that you can become the first point of reference when it comes to you.

How do we get ourselves to executing what we said we could do?

The biggest challenge here is that we are the only ones that know what we have committed to so we can break the commitment silently within ourselves. There is one single answer to this, it’s a combination of different factors and we will highlight on.

  • It starts with the “I”: it is interesting that we can state more than a page of facts about the people we have been in relationships with. The things they like, behavior, preferences, read moods but if asked to write key points about who we are and how we know ourselves it becomes a moment of hesitation. If we can work hard to tease ourselves to get into a relationship with self. Why not even be more charming and date yourself. Start doing things because of you but not always for the world around us.
  • Build your persona: after getting into this relationship use this information to build yourself up. Become the words that you want to use when introducing yourself.
  • Ride over the template that we have been handed over by the system. Most of us don’t earn from what we studied, even less of us studied education that was to boost our identity. We often choose careers according to how much is to be earned from there. Break the rules and build up the person you find out to be.
  • Find something to fight for: if we lost the job we have most likely the next thing is to try new application on new opportunity. That is so temporal, what is this one thing that you would want to be fight for it and see it blossom.
  • Don’t rest until you put in the right combinations and find out what solves you. I have walked the road and I can say that there is a solution in there. Understanding self inspires a new world with new possibilities.

This is the Nature of the hand that we offer to hold you accountable through the journey of self-discovery


If you don’t know the status of where you are and who you are its impossible to start any movement. Direction is more important than speed. At Mindshift we first endeavor to get the understanding of your status before we can jump into any direction. This is the very first engagement we have with, the nature of the first meeting.


It is not that we don’t think or have ideas on how we could make our lives better, sometimes the lacking ingredient is someone to just tell us it okay, and you can do it. One of the duties of a life coach is to affirm the next step, after brainstorming and planning.


Life is served to us like items in a bucket all jumbled up, not put in any order at all. After chasing one item for a while we often wonder if it’s the right thing and how will it merge and impact the bigger picture. Clarity inspires order and mind calmness. You get to a place where you are confident with the actions you are committing to daily.


Once we have labored to understand where you stand and the kind of future you are looking at the next task of to formulate a roadmap. Define and state how the future is going to look like. It takes both the life coach and the mentee to come up with a customized path that will lead to the desired future. The strategy breaks down the action plans, action activities is the only evidence that there is movement and progress. One strategy can only work for an individual because it’s tailored to their character, personality and drive.


Once the strategy is in place it’s important to understand that the main goal can only be achieved by dissecting it into small portions. This portions are guided by the specific objective that is bound by a time frame. The small objective success and failures will be the texture of the journey.


The strategy after completion can only be a document and some verbal agreements the commitment is what defines the success of the long brainstorming. One of the ingredients of what kept you held back without any achievements is lack of accountability. Having and individual and a system that holds you in place and ensures that there is consistency.


Often we are our biggest opponents to our own success. Having gone through personally formulated failure it is easy to throw in the towel when the going gets tough. Life coaching at mindshift assures that there will be a cheering input and the positive push.

Let us unwrap the package that Mind Shift is offering for life coaching.

The personal profile, past experiences and life style of the coach is the added advantage that the mentees can tap. Truths on how their journey has been, the experiences and career achievements that has built them up. Well at mindshift there are key building blocks that will be of benefit to anyone that will indulge the brand at a personal level.

Power Hour

I have been in a deliberate journey to answer the two questions highlighted at the introduction. Before I begun the self-trial of living the solutions that I thought I had gathered from reading and listening to others. I actually had planned on how to begin working on a book. After deep thinking I thought it would be a big lie to ask anyone to read and apply concepts that I had not tried out myself.

The journey has been on how to build my Power hour. A power hour is a duration with the 24 hours cycle that is deliberately set a site to execute a customized routine that has activities that will improve our future. It is all about the ecosystem that can support the Power Hour in the midst of the unending demands on our time and focus.

Concurrently with the strategy developed in Life Coaching, the building and installation of a tailor made Power Hour will part of the activities and results.


I have been employed by my passions and never been in employment. The only lifestyle I know is entrepreneurship. All my life has been on developing my skills to products and services and then upgrading that to companies. The lessons I have gathered along the journey will be availed in the life coaching sessions and events.

Digital Marketing

In business tech has been an area of interest. After years of developing a brand in media production we have expanded to using the same content for digital marketing. The experience of digitally marketing many products will part of the insights that will be shared.

Digital Personal Branding

The focus in life coaching is on the individual and developing them. That means that the person is handled and perceived as a brand. If all this commitment and work is done the end product should be of great benefit. Another attached benefit will be insights on how to pivot personal brand to elevate other areas of life like career and business.