What problem are we solving?

We equip entrepreneurs and business owners with knowledge and skills to create visibility for their businesses. The training’s objective is to arm individuals with the ability to personally create visibility for their businesses and to lead their team(s) to build the same.

Business visibility is wide and this means outsourcing all their services will require a minimum of 6 service providers. This is a big demand for startups and a consistent outlet for businesses.

Business Visibility Training is meant to help you build a credible, original and authentic strategies to communicate your business with the resources at hand, which includes your phone.

Who are we?

We are your one stop business for all services linked to business visibility. Mindshift is a training, coaching and consultancy agency. We specialize in Brand Visibility, helping businesses to communicate their business. Most businesses have worked on their products and operations however their growth is highly dependent on who knows about their existence because that is their link to their clientele.

How do we solve Visibility?

The solution lays in building a visibility plan. This plan is made up of four core areas:

  1. Digital marketing: this is a focus on all areas that support marketing online, from strategy development, social media management to conversion.
  2. Content creation: the only thing that you can sell online is through content, be it in audio, visuals or graphics. We have many years of experience in creating relevant and updated content.
  3. Product Development: insights on advancements that can improve the products/services of the business.
  4. Conversions: all efforts to build visibility comes with a cost and they need to give a Return On Investment. There are several approaches to close on that.

Deliverables from Business Visibility Training

  • Visibility plan
  • Content creation plan
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Brand development plan

Make Perfect Your Business Visible Right Now!