Content Creation

The term Digital marketing means that you are making a digital format of your brand to tell your stories. The term Digital means that all the content that you are using on your online campaigns have to be in a digital format.

Creating digital content will be achieved through the following services

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editing & scripting.
  • Graphics both static and motion.


At this stage the audio visual content previously created will be formatted for deferent social channels then amplified to get to its target. In this case being people who are shopping for homes, management services and valuing.

It will entail the following:

  2. Social channels & Website revamping and set up
  3. Scheduling
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Hashtags & Keywords



This stage mainly focuses on providing information and resources across all the social channels where it’s needed by the target audience to facilitate a smooth transition down the funnel.

This will entail the following:

A Targeted audience will be identified and marketed to across all the social channels. This will be done by paid advertising on social media and also organic sharing across various identified social groups.

Content will be created and disseminated to each channel. Each content will be formatted for each channel to ensure maximum reach.

Email marketing will be implemented at this stage and a mailing list will start being generated for future contact and remarketing


Customer care automation will be implemented at this stage, consistency across all channels in terms of providing the needed information and keeping all channels open for feedback and reviews.

Email List from the previous dissemination stage will be used to maintain constant contact with the mailing subscribers and remarket to them in future and also to relay important information about your services and products.

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