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This is how you have made yourself the way you are, acquisition.

The old saying goes that we are the making of our, and yes that is a very deep truth. We become our own consistency. The things we do over and over define us, we are described using those same things. Iam not sure you like the person you look at the mirror every morning, does the person inspire you, and are there things that you would want to change. The reality of life is that change is not a destination it is part of the journey. If you look at the work you did 3 years ago, what do you see? That unpolished edge and the results of a longer process to do the same thing. You can only see that if you have been getting better.

We are a result of constant change that is called evolution. We become better versions of our predecessors. This is the main reason why mobile phone applications keep getting bulkier and more modified. And you can be sure that within 24 hours there is a notification to upgrade versions of any application or the phone software. This is change sophisticated in this generation. With the hunt to acquire much faster internet and more sleek gadgets has made us be invested even with the slightest upgrade of ourselves?

I want us to a voyage to the space much further that our eyes can see far above the skies. Can we just hunt for one cause of change to the beautiful universe around us? Just one lesson from our terrestrial bodies. The moons have become a more fascinating subject to study than even the planets. There are far more moons than planets. Actually the moons that we have studied exhaustively are the ones orbiting planets. Moons are created more like the planets we know and like this one we call home.

Watching a NASA documentary on moons all planetology an interviewee kept resonating on one fact, “studying the moons is studying gravity”.

After the Big Bang debris was all over and nothing was held together and everything was on their own trajectory. Consequently this materials kept banging on each other this in result formed combinations that birthed big asteroids that ended up making the bodies in space.

What brought this different objects together was and still is gravity. The moons did not follow any different format. Debris was brought together by pulling material together and banging of different materials to form them. This process is named acquisition. Whatever the materials that made a moon was determined by the kind of materials they acquired.

Let us take Saturn as a case study. The planet has over 62 moons orbiting around the rings. Two of the moons Titan and Rhea begin to form around the same time, yet they ended up looking totally different. That difference is the lesson we need to derive today. Amongst other factors the distance from the sun determines the outcome. Titan is much closer hence it formed faster and has a better look because the water and rock separated well and is bigger in size because there was more materials to build it up. Rhea on other hand build much slower, smaller and the surface is rough because the rocks and the ice never separated. Amongst all the other moons Titan is the most promising to hold life.

The good thing about our lives is that we can be Rhea today and dedicate and commit to be a Titan from today. That is the beauty of being a human being, we can change mindset and become totally different people over time. There are factors however that are beyond our control and we can only be what they expose us to. We can never choose our skin color, motherland and the people we find in our life.

That is where your Big Bang begun. And neither Saturn nor Earth could choose which moons to form around. However the outcome of the moons is fight of content. Whoever has more gravity determines the fate of the others and even the outcome of their nature.

Very interesting determinant there. The core of the moon is what determines the future of it. That is the same challenge with ourselves here and now. The core content within us determines the debris that we attract. The kind of people always around us, the things we pursue gives us our current nature. Even if you are good at just being idle and scrolling your timeline then you make most of online friends and you have a lot of knowledge on gutter press. The same mind can hold something more valuable and life converting knowledge. The choice is yours.

Just get your phone out and look at the total number of contacts that you have. Then move to your call log and messages threads. Out of all the contacts you have, you have decided to focus on this specific people. It is not like you have communicated to the rest and they have denied response. You attract that kind of debris because at your core that is the value. Remember that value attracts value.

One of the dominant factors that contribute to the nature of moons is distance and placement from the sun. Every time I see the word sun, I see energy that has the ability to cause. Well this is the same with us here the distant we get from our energy determines how we turn out. Let me get closer on this.

You are the light of your own world and if you do not apply energy to unveil the inner you, the dull and unattractive you will be.

If you keep doing the same routine of a job you hate, you will pay the bills but you will persevere through life. Putting up a face to end the day while the truth is that you hate it! You hate being there, you hate the partner you took for life, and the identity you live under .You will even hate the body you are in. If life was threatened to be taken away from you, what would be your defense to continue being alive?

There is a beauty in life when the things you love and are passionate about orbit around you. I’m not talking about quantity and polished things, no, this are the things that add life to you. That one thing that you can do for free and derive fulfillment from. Now that is the color to life, in a complete rainbow.

This is who you are now and you now know why you are the way you are. The same formulae added purpose you can live a better life and actually live life by your own terms. You have all the debris, the energy and the orbit rise up and create your own world.

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