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We are at the walkway of a new year and we all have been here severally. The drive to chase something better is on the high and the motivation seems bottomless. If you recall well this routine has been there for quite a while.

When the motivation dust settles and life puts you back where you were a month ago, we normally adjust slowly and think the resolutions are too steep and far-fetched. Often because of the lifestyle we live and the challenges we have faced, we at least push ourselves to come up with a plan on how to make a better life for ourselves. We do succeed to come up with tangible plans how to go about the change.

If you think about it coming up with a conclusive plan is just like wrapping up that business report at work and even well-polished with grammar, numbers and some charts. As we hit February week 3 we often feel some guilt for not starting on the “change” project.

Waiting for that perfect combination. That day when all things are well set and the motivation and the feeling are just in the correct balance. A day like the one we wrote down the changes we want to see across the year.

Where is this day? How do we ready and combine all the correct factors together?

I cannot blink twice to confirm to you that there is no such day and it is not coming. Here are the reasons to that.

Willpower and motivations are inconsistent to build anything consistent.

pexels-photo-220444.jpegThe combination of the “perfect” day is a concoction of willpower and motivation. This is the feeling you have after attending a very powerful talk and you have the drive to change all the world, but as hours tick away the push dims off.

I too have been waiting for a perfect morning to write this down. Then I remembered lessons that I have learnt in the past and here I am piecing together a perfect article on an imperfect day.

What are this two ingredients?

Willpower is more like a wild wave in the ocean. You never know when it will show up or where it will show up from. When willpower shows up we can actually achieve a lot, the flip side is that we cannot count on its inconsistency.

Motivation is very key to keep us moving but I see it more like a gas station. We use it when we really need it. I have learned to self-motivate. Build a whole system within me that keeps me fueled for my own goals and daily objectives.

The two cannot be pulled out from the tools we need to make a year successful but as well we don’t need them to have our day 1 of change.

There is a difference between a perfect day and perfect timing.

Let me illustrate this:

pexels-photo-236303.jpegWe all had some plans for the just passed festivities. Planned on traveling, fetching groceries, meat and drinks as well. This come in with money and time planning. The results is the memories that are still fresh with us depending on if we had a good plan or we failed on planning. If this real things in life follow the sequence of planning then execution then why would any other realistic goal take a different order? No one paused the 25th of December and said wait I’m not ready for you yet. The day come and it turned out according to the plans you had put in place before the date.
This is motion, planning in anticipation for the day. Thinking through the details, the number of guests and how much that would cost for groceries and the kilograms of meat and then an approximation followed by dedicating a budget to that.
The action was waking up on the material day and start peeling the potatoes, defrosting the meat or getting ready to drive off.
Why haven’t you done the same for your plans for the year, your 25th is here already but you have been postponing and waiting for things to feel okay.

How do you know it’s the right time?

pexels-photo-374003.jpegWhen you get uncomfortable. Tired of the status you have been in. Tired of not being able to afford very basic needs consistently. You cannot be nodding to this and yet you await a perfect day to turn life around.
You know it’s the right time when the lifestyle you have been living does not match the picture you have in mind. Knowing you can live better. When you are in public and you are often addressed like a senior in the society because of your outlook. At this point this is the perfect day to change your diet and start a lifestyle of working out.
There is nothing as painful as seeing someone who you begun with in life and they stayed consistent and they are harvesting the fruits as you watch. When it hits you that you have been wasting potential.

What do you think you need to start?

You cannot expect to start off with what you will have after 5years of consistency. The biggest problem we have is the picture in our mind and how things should look like. If you sat down and drafted the vision then what you had when drafting it is what you need to start off.
If you have those final resources you think you need to start then there is no need of starting because you would have gotten the results before the challenge.
Most of the success stories I have studied the winners begun even without a ground to fight on. You are the most important thing you need to start. If you have you, your mind, dedicated heart commitment and consistency you will find a way to get to the tools.
This year should be like the way you see it when you close your eyes. The joy at the end of the challenge, the excitement of having gone through and achieved. But this will not come if you don’t start NOW and HERE.

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