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The mystery of entropy and how to override it.

I believe that we all know that familiar junction of self-disappointment. Where we set our own goals and allocate time, the worst part is that even at times we show up but never do what is expected.

We don’t fail to do this key activities because we don’t know or understand the rewards of our commitment. We actually need to do this things to move the current status of our life to the next level, yet we sit there and do nothing about it.

The dilemma releases more disappointment with our selves than growth. The fact of the matter is no matter how much you have developed yourself we all have met ourselves at this junction. Things keep getting worse and the fight for a better day keeps getting worse.

The solution to this can only be as relentless as the force of entropy that keeps things in disorder. Every good thing comes with a price, the cost is even higher when we have to overcome ourselves.

What is entropy then?

The definition and explanation is more scientific, the understanding can be applied in all areas of life. Entropy is the measurement of disorder. The degree at which things tear away than mend together.

The probability of things being okay is much less than chaos and mis-management taking center stage. This goes even to our daily activities, what is the probability of getting out of the house in time and arriving in the office early for a week. What is the probability of having someone unwell in the family for a month? This affects even our finances, what is the probability of having some money till end of month compared to running out in the last week of the month.

This is a natural force that keeps things on the edge and keeps the negative momentum riding faster and higher. The fact about entropy is that it increases with time. Let’s take a personal example. If you just eat normally and leave your body unattended in terms of workout five months latter a pot belly will be suggesting to pop out, one year later you can guess how your body will be looking like in the mirror.

Entropy is always ready to take over and dominate negligence depending  on how long you have been on course.

Success Sustainability

The reason we find ourselves committing to a specific thing over time is because the results matter and overtime we have been getting chunks of success either with the results or with the process. Let me demystify this further. We wake up to work daily because there are things that will only move with the money and other forms of results that will come from that. We keep doing the same thing to solve the consistent bills. It doesn’t matter if we like what we do as long as the basics are done.

The best solution is finding something that we love and we can get better at.

However this success is never permanent at whatever level the success is. The rich work harder, smarter and longer hours. This is the cost called sustainability. I see success more like being on rent and fee is paid every 24 hrs. Many things can be permanent but not success, it is served with an accompaniment called sustainability.

Whoever is willing to strike the balance will sustain and tame the wave of success longer.

Potential is never success

Success is a total of executed actions. Potential is still below success. We all have had an idea and even written it down. Then right before our eyes, we saw someone somewhere doing the same thing we had thought of and visualized.

Potential is good for planning but doesn’t play a position in the game of life.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that, entropy of a locked system will never decrease. This in essence means that, if you lock yourself in the habit of not attending to your body (workout/diet) the negative results cannot decrease.

This runs across all borders of life, if you get to the trend of postponing to get your car serviced the status of the vehicle cannot get better. This a call to us all that we need to be present and active to bring those things we desire in life closer to reality.

How to override entropy

If the route of entropy is disorder and just staying there without doing a thing gives it momentum, then the solution can only be the opposite. Not all things in life that are worth fighting entropy for, because it’s tough it needs to be important. Every skill that we once learned gets rusty overtime if we don’t do it over and over again.

Our universe offers the ultimate solutions, atoms were long scattered in the universe and we did not have any organisms. The potential laid there, but the potential did not give us what we can see around ourselves and in the larger universe. Until the rays of the sun hit the atoms and the structures started being formed there was no evolution.

So what did the sun do?

The rays of the sun are energy and it is this energy that commenced life. The rays went against the force of disorder and new order gave birth to our root organisms.

Are you spending energy to see the results you desire?

The only way to override entropy is by expending energy, relentlessly as consistent as the counter efforts.

You need to wake up, study even when you don’t feel like it, dress up in your workout outfit even when you are sleepy, do that extra thing, append that one energy push.

I want to share a quote that will cement this home.

“ The ultimate purpose of life, mind and human striving, to deploy energy and information to fight back the tide of entropy and curve out refuges of beneficial order” – Steven Pinker

The purpose of you being here besides the odds is to fight entropy and making your pockets of order, and stay resilient, stay hungry.

When you see results it becomes an addiction and that is the beginning of taming the wave of success.

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