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Challenges are part of life and we can only decide which problem is worth spending our time and resources solving. Often we are dealing with the frustrating results of our actions and life keep us busy trying to put out fires. If only we invest just some focus on ourselves and understand why we keep ending up where we are then we begin to become the solution.
Our body is made of a system that is supported by more systems within. The whole body works in unison to give health and balance, all factors within and without. That is the reasons why if the system is not balanced then we are in trouble, we are unwell.
However the breakdown often does not just happen and instantly everything goes south, it is a trigger that is followed by certain actions beating the strength that supports the normal flow and the actions roll down and end up at the weakest point.
I want us to talk more of understanding ourselves and in effect to that, further discussing the systems within us that keep us well.
Cortisol, it is one of the alarming hormones in our system. The understanding of it makes it an important factor that needs to be focused on.
What is a cortisol?
It is one of the steroid hormones we have produced in the adrenal glands. The most interesting factor about this hormone is that it has influence along the body, because there are cortisol receptors in most cells within the body.
Cortisol is largely known as the stress hormone. It is what is produced when stress has been triggered. The fruits of stress within our body system harvests a lot and affects the system largely and the attention given to this hormone is understandable.
What is important to understand more?
The hormone or what triggers stress? This article is focused to unveil that.
Habits build the biggest part of us, it is the same practice over and over that builds our character and personality, what we are used to becomes us. The interesting factor of our behavior is that most of the actions we see are a results of a domino effect. There is that one thing you have to do then the rest come tickling down.
As an example, when we lay in bed in the evening, we have pressing agendas of the day and it is my hope that you have your daily rituals that help you develop yourself personally. Now besides pressure that is a factor that can even alter our habits, the triggers we kick off our day which determine the results of a particular day. If the first thing we do is snooze and faithfully snooze the next alarm then we know how that day will fairly be.
We often start of on a marathon, everything is rushed, not polished and mostly even forgotten. The interesting thing here is that, we mess a whole day by sleeping longer for like 30 minutes then we end up messing 23 hours and a half.
I hope the domino effect of our habits is getting clear. This hormone named cortisol, for starters we need to understand that it is not the cause of anxiety and depression. It is a response to triggered stress. Cortisol only reacts after an invitation to the system. It actually has regulators of it’s secretion, that is at the pituitary and adrenal gland. Depending on the demand cortisol is served in the same measure.

So what is important?
Regulating the quantity of the hormone into the system and verily to the receptors or managing the triggers that lead to this activities.
I believe this question goes deeper and even gets personal. The things that are keeping us awake and stressed up are they a result of the trigger or are they triggers themselves. Dealing with the latter is much better.
This is because dealing with the triggers means that the system is still in check and our life receptors have not been poisoned by what is released out of the flow of events. This tells me that if we understand ourselves then we will be mindful of what triggers us down the drain?
We start asking ourselves questions of how we got here and not blaming ourselves for being there, striking the balance.
Your strength is in understanding yourself and the system that works within you and being on the preventative than dealing with the consequences that pin us down. Nothing in life just happens. Even medically there is an investigation of our system to understand how you end up unwell, to determine the cause of the system breakdown.
Our weakness is just ignoring, assuming and neglecting the importance of preventatives. Not investing in understanding ourselves. If we know what takes us down there, then we will be cautious of the triggers. It is even cheaper in cost and time to deal with prevention than cure.
Interestingly enough, on a normal run, cortisol is an important hormone with important roles like controlling blood sugar levels, regulating metabolism and memory formation among other beneficial factors.
What has brought you to where you are?
When you look at the challenges that you are facing, is it a recycle? Do this things keep recurring, are the consequences too familiar? Then that means that you are dealing with a cure rather than a prevention.
If around some dates of the month you find yourself always asking for money from anyone to keep yourself afloat until the next money, then the issue is not the people that don’t come through for you, the issue is your money management.
If you can see the recurring / persistent problem then you can correct the system backwards and prevent the domino effect heading to the ground again.

We can be and actually we are a result of our solutions. What we settle on is our reality.
Good life and results belong to those who do not give up on self and keep searching and solving life.
If just mastering one hormone can bring such victories what if we added more efforts, duplicate more solutions. Within us lays a lot and we can only explore ourselves for more.

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